The Integrity Brace is a lumbar support brace that is designed to provide relief from chronic low back pain. Normal pressures in the back can cause debilitating pain in patients with herniated/bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome and sciatica. The Integrity Brace is designed to help relieve this pain by reducing intradiscal pressures thus reducing the load on lumbar discs. Through the use of anterior and posterior rigid inserts the Integrity Brace transfers load from the back to the abdominal region. The Integrity Brace also has a pouch in the posterior section that houses a Hot/Cold gel pack. The Hot/Cold gel pack offers an option for temperature therapy when the belt is being used.
ILS offers these braces as adjunct therapy during non-surgical spinal decompression treatment. The Integrity Brace is recommended for use after the treatment of non-surgical spinal decompression. The post treatment belt provides support to the muscles in the treated area that may become fatigued and in-need of some extra support. By wearing the Integrity brace after non surgical decompression treatment, the goal is to provide extra support to the patient’s lumbar spine by transferring some of the load to the abdominal region relieving disc pressure. This shift in load can also provides pain relief to the patient.
The Hot/Cold gel pack is also useful at this time in the treatment. As cold temperature therapy is a recommended part of the post treatment protocol, the Integrity Brace offers the same modality to further this treatment even after the patient has left a medical facility.

Product Features

•The Integrity Brace takes pressure off the lumbar discs, thus relieving some pain associated with chronic or acute back pain.
•Includes contoured ergonomic supports for support and stability.
•Posterior gel insert provides the benefits of cold therapy for swelling and heat therapy for muscle relaxation.
•Hot/Cold gel pack provides temperature therapy.
•Compound Velcro closure provides for easy application.