When Back or Neck Surgery Doesn’t Work

by / Friday, 22 January 2016 /

Do you suffer from persistent Low bak and neck pain as result of a failed back surgery?

A majority of the 600,000 spine surgeries that take place in the United States each year are deemed successful, decompressing nerve roots that are pinched or stabilizing painful spinal joints that have led to chronic pain, numbness or loss of function. But when back or neck surgery goes wrong, it can be devastating to both patient and surgeon, even if it’s statistically impossible for all surgeries to be effective.

As a rule, spine surgeries are performed as a last resort when neck or lower back pain cannot be relieved by more conservative measures, such as medications or physical therapy. For chronic low back and neck pain, patients should consider non-surgical spinal decompression.

A good percentage of patients are left with lingering pain after an operation. Once the reason for ongoing pain has been established, a multi-pronged approach for pain relief usually works best. Treatments can include:

  • Physical therapy or exercise
  • Psychological counseling
  • Medication
  • Procedures such as epidural steroid injections or nerve blocks
  • Spinal cord stimulation, a device emitting electrical pulses into the spinal region
  • and the Integrity Spinal Care System or DRX 9000

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