Flight attendants in Korea encounter Low Back Pain(LBP) with smiles

by / Friday, 03 April 2015 /


Korean researchers have published data regarding the impact of spine disorders as one of the most frequently experienced musculoskeletal disease for flight attendants, and it accounts for 52 percent of work injuries among flight attendants. In particular, flight attendants working international flights for more than 6 hours have a higher chance of experiencing back pain.

One of the reasons for such frequent back pain among flight attendants is the intensive work-load. However, other important aspects are excessive stress that frequently occurs as a byproduct of any services-providing occupation.

This may result in shoulder and neck pain, and has a greater impact when climbing upward. In order to minimize the pressure on the spine, it is recommended to bend the elbows and straighten the back. Also, palms should face slightly downward. It is recommended to wear non-slippery shoes, and to avoid wearing heels higher than 8 centimeters.


Researchers also found that flight attendants suffering from back pain experience higher job demand and higher physical loads, and this results in high job dissatisfaction.

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