Harness 2

 Upper Harnesses 

The upper harness is used to ensure the upper part of a patient is affixed to the ISCS bed during a non surgical decompression treatment session by connecting upper harness straps to a bed belt tensioner attached to the end of the treatment bed.  The upper harness is used in conjunction with the lower (pelvic) harness during NSSD treatment.








Harness Lower Harnesses 

The uniquely designed lower harness is fitted to the lower torso region of the patient and is used to transfer preset treatment tension from the decompression unit through the belt attached to the harness.  The tension is transferred through the belt motor to the patient spine by connecting a belt motor spring loaded D-ring to the lower harness.







The harnesses permit the application of nonsurgical decompression. The upper chest harness support is used to distribute the applied forces evenly. Patients are fully clothed when the appropriate size is fitted to the patient. The pelvic harness molds comfortably around the upper hips and used in applying non surgical decompression to the lumbar region of a patient. This pelvic harness forms a wide waist encircling band to which are attached a pair of posterior straps directly in line with the patient’s spinal column and a pair of anterior straps for attachment over the anterior superior spine of the iliac crest of the patient’s pelvis. These straps have a length sufficient to extend from the belt between the legs of the patient to connect to non surgical decompression device for applying distractive forces to the patient.
The Integrity Spinal Care System proprietary upper chest and lower pelvic harness is a therapeutic accessory. Users of the device must fit the patients with the appropriate size in order for the conditions of use to be safe and effective. The harnesses include a chest and pelvic harnesses varying in three sizes, small, medium, and large respectively.  The lower (pelvic) and upper (chest) support applies forces during the treatment.



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Remote Control

A hand held remote operates the functions of the various features and parameters of the motorized bed assembly of the ISCS.  The remote comfortable fits your hand with a spiral cord for ease use and accessibility to the side of a non surgical decompression bed. The remote has flush mount tactile membrane buttons on the keypad pertaining to the each bed function. The upper portion of the controller has four buttons that control the upper body support arms; left and right, up and down. Below these are two buttons that control the adjustable lordotic Support integrated into the top cushion of the treatment table. The lower six buttons of the controller operate the bed position, bed tilt, lock and unlock functions.






Head pillow

Head Pillow 

The head pillow delivers neck support to the patient and ensures proper positioning of the patient on the bed in order to maximize the delivery of decompressive forces of the spine.  The pillow is used to provide stability for the patient’s head, cervical spine curvature, and shoulders during the non surgical decompression treatment.









Knee Pillow

Knee Pillow 

The knee pillow is positioned under the patient’s knees as they lay in the supine position on the bed and is used to maintain lower body alignment, support, stability, and adapt wide range of different height patients.







The use of a stereo headset is used during the spinal decompression treatment enabling the patient to listen to music or watch a DVD of their choice. Most patients relax to the point of falling to sleep with their favorite music or movie.











Hot/Cold Gel Pack

May be used to provide cold or heat therapy

                                                                        Provides the benefit of cold therapy for pain and swelling and the benefit of                                                                           heat therapy for muscle relaxation in one convenient gel pack.